What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

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Üppig is an award-winning interdisciplinary design agency based in the center of Amsterdam.

As visual identity specialists, we create and revitalize brands.

We recognize the utmost importance of defining the core message:
All expressions relating to an organization have long-term impact on the brand's reputation.

Our goal is the seamless combination of all identifiers, with attention and respect for each specific use of disciplines, online and offline, aiming to establish love brands.

From our experience in setting up companies from scratch, we can also advise with entrepreneurial analysis.

Üppig collaborates with trusted professionals in multidisciplinary networks, calling on specialists such as: photographers, digital developers, content marketers, copywriters, strategists, engineers, architects, filmmakers, animators and 3D modelers.

A brand is not just for Christmas.


Üppig Identity Store is a multi-disciplinary design agency that mainly focuses on brand development. Our strength lies in the synergy between strategy and design.

We have over 20 years experience with:

business concept

From our experience that no detail is too small to be of import, we can provide entrepreneurial advice including marketing and positioning. We understand how to encourage the growth of loyalty.

brand strategy

Who are you, how do you make a credible difference, and importantly, what do you believe in? We have developed a brand strategic approach which results in concepts ensuring a clear position in the market. Storytelling and content marketing are increasingly important in forming durable relations with a targeted audience. Which stories can be told endorsed by striking visual content. 

brand name development

The name of a brand is the brand: it is the abstract container of all connotations pertaining to the brand. It has to be: available as an URL, not yet legally registered, able to resonate, memorable, spellable, (inter)natioanlly understandable. It should open up a positive world, the right world, and be instantaneously distinguishable from the competition. Names we have developed are: Business Concern, Wellinq, Nexamedic, Stental, Fieber, HUH, Harper's Bazaar Bouquet, Creative Flower Company, Connectica, Klimp.

brand identity

The design of a strong brand identity comprises a creative translation of the strategic positioning. Paramount to this is the Logo, endorsed by clear typography, credible colors and a case sensitive visual language. The specific usage of photography, illustration style, patterns and icons builds towards recognition.

campaign development

Üppig has proven successful in both off-line and on-line campaigning. Way back we bill posted our posters in the streets, nowadays we create conversion through the strategic use of social media content, and the involvement of influencers. 

digital strategy

Guided by behavioral insights Üppig understands the mechanics of building online communities and pushing conversion. 

web design

Websites (to go) remain the most essential and comprehensive window of brand communication. 
Üppig connects the dots between brand strategy, UX/UI design and digital development. 
Deliverables include apps, intra- and extranet, social media campaigns, business presentations and online tutorials.

interior design

Üppig creates office environments to build teams, engage people, to impress or to relax; in a domestic interior, the environment needs to be conducive to raising children, entertaining with friends. For all environments, our most important consideration is: to allow people to feel at home.

infographic design

Üppig visually translates complex data into clear and digestible graphics or dashboards.

motion design

For the purpose of storytelling, and combined with the emerging technological development, motion design is gaining momentum. Üppig is experienced in the design and development; from flashy moving graphics for the fashion industry, to interactive product tutorials for the medtech industry.

product design

The process of creating new products that solves problems or meet a need in a creative and innovative way. At Üppig we conceptualize ideas, sketch and prototype, test and refine designs, and create detailed specifications for production. For us the goal of product design is to create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, but also efficient and cost-effective to produce. We believe that in today's world, product design plays a crucial role in the success of many companies, as it helps them to differentiate their products from competitors and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.


Üppig uses signage to provide directions, identify locations, convey important messages, and promote products or services. Good examples of this are wayfinding, map design, symbols and directional signs. Üppig recognizes that signage can be an effective way to communicate information and promote accessibility, safety, and convenience for people in a variety of settings.

packaging design

Üppig understands the art of seduction. How to communicate a layered message in a split second. 
Packaging that is functional, stands out from your competitors' packaging, as well as appeal to customers in-store and online.


Over the years we have been working for a wide range of clients including:

In addition, Üppig is founding partner in the following enterprises:


The following design professionals make up the Üppig team:

Iris Agterdenbosch
- office manager
Sabine Mannel
- senior designer
Lars van Kuppeveld
- designer
Monika Sunnanväder
- art director
Gijs Fluit
- 3d visualizer
Clemens Karlhuber
- ICT specialist
Gavin Alosery
- video animator

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