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Harper's Bazaar Bouquet

Our own initiative ... from fashion to flowers

This adventure started with our idea: is it possible to associate a particular type of bouquet with a brand? For instance, how would you arrange a 'Chanel' bouquet, a 'Mercedes' bouquet? We discussed this with many and differing brands, and eventually working in close collaboration with Harper's Bazaar, the first recognized fashion magazine in the world, we launched this concept. 

Each month world renowned fashion professionals (Victor&Rolf, Ronald van der Kemp, Cécile Narings ...) introduced the reader to the underlying story involved in the composition of their bouquet. We developed every step on the customer journey, creating a seamless experience from desire to ownership. 

We gained deep knowledge of the entrepreneurial aspects of a brand.

  • business concept
  • brand identity
  • web design

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